Welcome to Salvator Mundi Museum of Art

Welcome to Salvator Mundi Museum of Art

Welcome to Salvator Mundi Museum of ArtWelcome to Salvator Mundi Museum of ArtWelcome to Salvator Mundi Museum of Art

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About The Museum

Current Exhibition

Current Exhibition

On November 15, 2017, history was made when a painting titled Salvator Mundi, attributed to the great renaissance artist Leonardo da Vinci, completely shattered all records by selling at Christie's auction house in NYC for just over 450 million dollars. The painting, dated from around 1500 and lost for many years, was thought to be rediscovered in 2005 underneath multiple layers of overpainting, torn and decayed by worm holes. Over the next 6 years it was meticulously reworked and restored led by conservation expert Diane Dwyer Modestini at New York University.

This museum is dedicated to the Salvator Mundi and is the largest collection of artwork and ephemera on the subject. It is also an art project and company that goes by the name Real Salvator Mundi.

The Salvator Mundi will forever be the subject of much interest, intrigue and debate regarding quality and authenticity.  However, there is only one Real Salvator Mundi (TM).


Board of Advisors:

Lawrence B. Benenson

Donya Bommer

Dr. Hugh Marlais Davies - Director Emeritus,               Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego

Robert Storr

Stephane Van Deun& Montserrat Uben

Coco & Ben Van Meerendonk


Current Exhibition

Current Exhibition

Current Exhibition

The Mundi Files

Leading up to the record breaking auction on November 15th 2017 and since then, the Salvator Mundi has been the single most written about work of art in the world. This exhibition is dedicated to the over 1,300,000 articles and stories that have been written about the Salvator Mundi .  

At the center of the exhibition, are all five feature length books published thus far focusing on the Salvator Mundi story, while atop it all stands Christie’s original auction catalogue. The surrounding exhibit walls are papered with headlines, news stories, essays, soundbites, insights, critiques, gossip, and facts about the Salvator Mundi

  • South Wing - Gifts, products, and Souvenirs - This area can commonly be referred to as the “gift shop” for the museum. It also includes the reach and breath of the Real Salvator Mundi brand.


Hours Of Operation

Current Exhibition

Hours Of Operation

The Salvator Mundi Museum of Art is open daily from 9am until 10pm. Private tours available upon request.

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